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digital extension consult+ what to expect

here is the whole process

Step 3

At your virtual or in person consult I will color match you, you will pay your 50% non-refundable deposit and we will discuss if you need color or not.

Step 2

After I review your consult you will be able to book your FREE color matching consult 

Step 4

We will set a installation date, shipping can be unpredictable, but I will let you know if we need to change dates.

Installs can only be done Mondays thru Fridays



I will color & gloss your hair extensions before your appointment. (occasionally I will install your hair first, then color your hair and your extension hair at the same time.)

You Get

The best, ethically sourced hair on the market, the coveted Invisible Bead Extension® Method, my exclusive extension care card, luxury extension hairbrush some styling clips, shampoo and conditioner.

At Install

Please come to your appointment with clean, dry hair. I will color you (if needed) install your extensions, cut them to blend into your natural hair, style and go over at home care & schedule your move up appointment.


I will see you in 6-10 weeks for a move up where I will remove your extensions and beads, comb out your natural hair shed then re-install your hair. You aren't required to get a cut/style at these visits so come with clean/dry hair.

Long Term Expectations

  • Generally you will need to invest in brand new hair every 6-12 months depending on how well you take care of your luxury IBE® hair extensions.

  • The better you take care of your hair, the longer it will last

  • I will suggest home care products that I have personally tested on myself to help increase the longevity of your hair while keep your natural hair nice and healthy 

Brands of Hair

I exclusively use these brands of hair because they are ethically sourced, have been tested by other IBE® artists, are silicone free and I have personally used them on myself.

  • Kitsune Hair Co

  • Strands of Humanity

  • Covet & Mane

  • Addendum Hair

  • The One and The Reserve by IBE


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Extension Consultation
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