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all the hair goals

I am excited to offer the IBE® (invisible bead extensions®) method to create customized results for your wildest hair dreams.
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Will my hair be super long?

That totally depends on what you want your hair goals to be! I offer extensions for added thickness, length or a combination of the two! I only use very high-quality hair with several different lengths and textures to meet your needs.

How much will my extensions cost?

Pricing depends on what you want your hair goals to be, how many wefts I need to use in your hair and how many rows we will need to achieve the best blended results!
Installation starts at $200 per row. The cost of hair is per weft and listed below.
Once we have our initial consult I can give you a more accurate price quote.

How often will I have to come in?

You will need to come in to move your extensions up every 6-10 weeks. 

What is the IBE® Method?

Frequently asked questions

IBE stands for Invisible Bead Extensions®. The amazing McKenzie Turley specifically designed this method to help solve the 3 major problems with most extension methods.
1- damage to the hair and scalp from over-directing the hair or installing incorrectly.
2- discomfort due to the beads rubbing against the scalp as well as beads being too tight.
3- lack of versatility in being able to style your hair due to exposed beads or bonds!

How do I care for my extensions?

I have some do's, dont's and products  that I have tested on myself and my own extensions to best help you navigate your new hair! I will also be more than happy to go over these during your consult as well.

with your
Invisible Bead Extensions® investment
you will get...

custom rooting and gloss on the extension hair, a shampoo and conditioner, an extension hairbrush, some styling clips, installation of the IBE® method, and the best quality hand-tied hair!

I only use the best brands of hair that are ethically sourced and that I have personally tried on myself so that you get the best!

*pricing below does not include coloring of your natural hair, only coloring of the extension hair.*

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length guide

This is an excellent visual on the potential length of what your extensions *could* look like.

However please keep in mind, that if you are shorter, taller, bigger chested etc. that will change where your extensions hit you.

*this photo is from the Invisible Bead Extensions® Instagram page.*
hair extension length guide from IBE
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